BJ's Warrior Packages

Packages are fully customized for each warrior and family (minor siblings included) and items vary per package.
Packages include a handwritten note from Michelle, handmade blanket by CarlyAnnaCrafts, SFWF t-shirt & wristband. Package contents vary, examples below:
Warrior Bag - Grab and Go
Drawstring bag (contents varies):
-Toothbrushes for family
-Toothpaste Kids/Adults
-Toothbrush covers
-Floss/flosser picks
-Deodorant (male/female)
-Lotion / powder
-Female hygiene products
-Body Wash
-Body Puffs for family members
-Travel tissue packs
Teen warriors
-Devotional and/or Journal
-Microfiber pillow case and fitted sheet (Twin size)
-‘Don’t Take My Word’ or other teen card game
-Cool Socks
-iTunes gift card
Young Warriors
-Color Sticker book
-Cool Socks
-Microfiber pillow case and fitted sheet – Twin size
Warrior's SIBLING(s): (for minors)
-Devotional and/or Journal
-Gift card, toy or other gift
-SFWF t-shirt/wristband
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* We are currently serving the North Carolina and South Carolina area.
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Each warrior package costs approximately $300. Help support families and bring smiles to local kids.

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The Stand Firm Warrior Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and charitable contributions are tax-deductible.