Helping Local Families in our Community

The Stand Firm Warrior Foundation supports local families in our community such as Jace and Avery.
Meet Warrior Jace
On Wednesday, October 25, 2017 Jennifer and Eric shared this news with friends and family:
I wish we had better news, but we do not. This morning we met with the Oncologist and were told our sweet and most precious Jace has a rare and aggressive tumor near his brain stem. This was confirmed by his MRI last night so he cancelled the biopsy this morning. Unfortunately, there are very few options here at Levine’s for him other than radiation. We were told about some clinical trials, which both are out of state. Eric and I have chosen to pursue the clinical trial program in Washington D.C. We basically have to apply for this program so please pray they have an opening and that Jace’s criteria will meet what they are looking for. We will do, go and pursue anything we can for Jace. God can still be working in him so I, as Jace’s mommy, am pleading for your fervent prayers. Pray this tumor will not grow quickly before we can begin some sort of treatment. Pray this devil that’s inside our sweet Sugarbear feels the wrath of our prayers and leaves our babies body. We believe Jace has a long life ahead of him and God picked him for us and this world so that he will go and do great things. HE WILL!! Eric and I will remain positive in front of Jace because he needs us to be. As you can imagine this is devastating to us. Purely. Devastating. But we are putting all of our heart in soul in our Faith in God and we trust and believe he will heal our baby. Keep praying!! I know God is hearing us and working in him right now as he’s lying beside me. #warriorjace

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Meet Avery
My name is Avery Wilson. I am 10 years old. I was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Please follow this site to receive updates and watch me kick cancer's butt!! 

Things I like:
Playing with my cat.
Riding my scooter. 
Making people laugh.
Being a redhead.

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